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Ref: GGSC/20/2015






OPERATIONAL AREA: South and Central Somalia

HEAD OFFICE: Mogadishu, Somalia

COMPANY CONTACT: +252 61850028, +2526850024

CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Mohamed (Caadil)-MD

DESIGNATION/CELL PHONE: +252 615502004, +252 616986842

PHYSICAL ADDDRESS: maka-Al-Mukarama Road,Waberi

District, Mogadishu-Somalia




GAABOW GENERAL SERVICES COMPANY is a privately owned indigenous profit making Company categorized under several sectors General Trading, Construction sector, Primary Health care services, Remittances & Exchanging Sector, Water and Energy supply sector, Travelling sector, Booking and ticketing sector, all located in Somalia especially Mogadishu. The Company took its first breath in 1995, since then, we have grown to a complete solution provider in the field of our services. The services by the Company spanned across a many arenas. We have proven our ability in taking large, complex industrials, commercial, projects in south and central Somalia and complete them on time, on budget and at the highest levels of quality.

GGSC’S passion is to deliver quality and standard services and products to its local and international clients, partners, local business communities as well as international organization.


We take a sense of purpose as the vision and mission of the Company. We believe in Commitment, Honesty and leadership. “Support has became an unavoidable word in the humans life” The Company aims to became a strong supporting hand to all those who seek quality and standard services in all its key endeavors of specialization.


GGSC’s Vision is to become a competitive and competent Trading and Construction Company by having well managed resources and network both in domestic and overseas.








The Company mission is to provide quality and professional services to our Customers through years of experiences gained in project management, materials supplies and contract services. General Trading in various good quality commodities, to conduct domestic and overseas business, to serve our customers completely and competitively, to meet all expectation of the stakeholders are the lined mission statement of each and every company members.

Our Pledge is to apply latest technology and field based experiences to establish long lasting relationship with our customers, quality and standardized services that exceed their expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our working team.


1.     safety We care about people
2.     Reliability We have integrity
3.     Responsiveness We listen to what you say
4.     Honesty To always be truthful, open and candid
5.     Integrity To do what we say, live up to the highest standard
6.     Culture We seek new opportunity to learn, to improve, to teach and add value
7.     Passion We love what we do, we lead by example and we take the lead







  • Construction, Rehabilitations, Tendering, Designing, architecture, and supervision of residential, non-residential, roads, bridges, shallow well/boreholes, irrigation and canals
  • Export of livestock, Meat, hide and skins, Fruits
  • Importing of building materials, foodstuffs, textiles, readymade clothes, medicines and medical equipments
  •  Exchanging Services such as money transfer, remittances, bureau of exchanges
  • Primary Health services such as in/out patients, treatments, prevention, awareness
  • Water Supply Managements Projects such as drilling of boreholes, shallow wells
  • Electricity Supply
  • Ticking, Booking/Reservation of Hotels, travel and Tour
  • Logistics and Supply, Shipments Procurements, inland transportation, Custom clearing and forwarding




  • Civil Works.
  • Residential & Commercial Building
  • Roads/Bridges
  • Landscaping & Gardening
  • Electrical Works
  • Residential, Commercial, industrial & Marine
  • Mechanical works
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • On-shore and Off-shore works







Our expanding list of satisfied clients reflects our ability to execute challenging projects, despites all odds. The high percentage of repeat orders stand testimony to this: Our ability to manage operation in diverse industries and economies coupled with the track record in mobilizing financial and human resources makes us the preferred contractor for critical projects. We will be an ideal partner, for your next industrial site development or heavy civil engineering projects and requesting by you.




The safety of our employees and the public is of the highest priority. It is our policy that our safety rules shall be strictly observed at all times. Although these rules are to be considered very important, it is important to publish a rule that covers every circumstance. If a rule that might cover a specific hazardous condition has been omitted, that shall not be an excuse for disregard of common sense in the safe performance of our work. Maintaining excellence in the safety of the work being done is a primary requirement not only for well being of the personnel engaged in construction work but also for the benefits that accurate through higher moral and the expedition of the Construction time of a project. It is for this reason, a safety program is formulated.

Accident prevention shall be considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. The Management has put forward some safety policies. The policy insists to maintain open communication between management and staff on matters pertaining to safety. Safety and accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Promote a positive attitude towards accident prevention
  • Outlining the training and competence required to prevent occupational hazards.
  • Establish and insist upon safe work practices and condition.
  • Following safe work practices preventing injury and ill health, and continually improving the effectiveness of system.
  • Provide appropriate supervision, training and monitor conformance to quality standards
  • Ensure employees and other persons understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy work place.
  • Ensure that contractors working on our premises have, and follow appropriate safety procedures.




The success execution of safety policy will certainly ensure the well being of health & environment of the company. There is no need of any further distinguishing claims. Health and Environment policy is coiled to ensure that all work processes are carried out in a safe manner. Even though certain business fields of GGSC on the external tie up basis, the responsibility is headed with maximum commitment.


The company is also aware of the facts that health safety & environmental protection form an integral part of business objectives. The major line of responsibility of GGSC is managing Health Safety and Environmental protection. The underlying truth that all accident is preventable will also get its needed importance in the company. The Company is carrying out regular safety inspections and maintaining and accident prevention program that ascertains cause and taking corrective action for every accident.



For all operations conducted by the Company have to pass operational policies which are:-

  • Project identification
  • Feasibility studies and baseline data
  • Dealing with concerned bodies/Company
  • Development of business plan and design of the project
  • Approval of the project
  • Implementation of the project
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting









GGSC has transformed in a short span from a civil contractor to a well groomed infrastructure and development construction company. The company has vision to provide the customers an innovative architecture in affordable prices with international quality. We had a strong back up of skilled laborers along with the supervision of highly qualified engineers and supervisors. Hence the maintenance and the construction of civil infrastructures have become easy for us. The architects with a designing mentorship beyond imagination of the ordinary people are added point to the glory of us. The Under lying workers are always been enjoying the work environment of the company so that the products finish is showing it. The clients are always enjoying the luxury being offered by the GAABOW trends supports and Services. The human’s quest to better comforts are always escalating and demanding new heights. The existing projects are the proving mile stones of the touch of professionalism by us.




Vehicle policies regard only to the vehicles rented for the company’s activities and they are categorized into two sections:-

Section A of vehicle Management Policy

This applies to the vehicle rented for the regular operations of the Company, these are vehicles rented for the staff and projects going on, and they can stay with the Company for long/Short period, this regards to the life of the project of which the vehicles are rented for.







Section B of vehicle management policy

This applies to the vehicles rented for temporary basis for section A the vehicle has to be:-

  • Effective and efficient for the required purpose
  • Ready for work
  • Complying to the vehicle management policy
  • Can travel for any required time
  • Stop working whenever the power of the vehicle for smooth work is declined
  • Has to accept termination if the required points are not maintained


In the documentation, the Company has the following policies

  • The documents of the Company is part of the Company asset
  • There should be an authorized access to the Company
  • There are separate files for each category of the document of the Company
  • A record of the document in and out of the Company record in a manner of reference













For financial policy there is a certain policy adapted to the process the financial records of the Company. Some of the essential documents maintained by the Company include:

  • Inventory Ledger book
  • Receipts
  • Staff payroll
  • Vehicle payroll
  • Office payroll
  • Acknowledgement forms
  • Purchase verification forms
  • Loan Request form
  • Prepay (in advance pay) request form
  • Monthly expenditure book
  • Budget Book
  • Pending funds book




Services are creating new heights in the manpower supply services. The manpower supply of the company is one of the leading recruiting companies in Mogadishu, Somalia, renowned for providing recruitment and placement in almost all prominent fields. The pleasure is of the client approaching us has been the last word for the business to us. This trend has been set by GGSC in the name itself. We have established a special wing to help both the employers and employees at every juncture of their career and development, and thus to facilitate our rapid growth, efficient productivity, well rounded development and economic progress & prosperity.











  • Run an advertisement
  • Go through resumes
  • Calling for interviews
  • Interviews candidates
  • Make a decision


The concept of employee leasing can be highly profitable for the company and the existing staffs. We give you enormous cost, time and quality advantages, Flexible staffing solution that suits your needs, low priced alternative to traditional staffing, and extended resource proof of skilled personnel. We have a rapid deployment and are expertise in latest technology.





In order to take part in the social responsibilities, Gaabow General Services Company established in August 2006 with the help of local intellectuals originally from Wanle Wein District, local non-governmental, non-profit making organization called Haji Gaabow Foundation (HGF). In August 2006 the foundation with the help of the local community established Wanle Wein Community Hospital (WCH).

The primary Focus of WCH is to provide adequate health and Nutrition of Children under the age of five years in Wanle Wein District and it is surrounding and to improve the living condition of the children and Women of child bearing age affected by poor access and less equity in health care services in the lower shabelle Region as well as recurrent conflicts, chronic food and livelihood crisis and limited health services in wanle Wein district and its surrounding area.







WCH struggle in obtaining of life with justice and dignity and also food security, Primary, secondary and tertiary health care services provision and empowerment of the community for self governance are the most important component of its mission. Gender Justices, advocacy on Human Rights, Democracy, peace and conflict resolution in society child protection and child rights, natural resources management and livelihood security are our primary areas of concern.




The Water supply Management sector of the company is established in the year 2001 as a private Company. The Company members reorganized in the year 2005 to meet the rapid growing needs of wanle Wein Community, Particularly in the fields of water and electricity.

Currently the Company has a water Borehole in Wanle Wein District and provides water to both humans and Animals. Also Water well is drilled both in Murigey and Ballow. Both Villages are 10 KM away from Wanle Wein District. More than 1000 Families receive electricity and water in wanle Wein District.


The Most recent established sector of the Company is the booking and travelling Office. The Office works with different Airlines Companies owned by both national and international private companies.

During the last three years, The Company has been working with Jubba, Daallo and African Express Airlines. The most remarkable work that we have been doing include the facilitation of Hajj and Umra for the Somali People both inside and outside the Country.

During the last two years the sector has signed a contract with an Airline Company that is owned by Yemen called FLEX AIRWAYS, and will start the work soon.



Company   Implementation Process

Gaabow General Services Company is experienced and has previously implemented and rendered various services / projects and has worked as a bridge between International Agencies, UN Bodies and the community. The Company activities are always transparent and have educated, well-experienced and trained workers in its all areas of involvement.

Past Implemented Activities by Construction Sector

1. Construction of 4 business storey building Darkinley-Madina- Mogadishu 2008 Al-Hilaal Company
2. Construction of 5 storey Bakaro Market- Mogadishu 2009 Sheikh M. Co.
3. Construction of 5 Storey building Maka-Al

Mukarama Road- Mogadishu

2010 GGSC
4. Construction of 5 storey building Near Adan Ade Airport Airport Road –Near the Airport 2012 GGSC
5. Construction of Horseed University Hodan District-Banadir Region-Mogadishu 2013 Horseed University
6. Construction of 3 storey building for Private Person Bondere 2014 A.A TRADERS
7. Construction of Primary School-Idale 1 Baidoa-Bay Region 2014 NRC
8. Construction of 6 storey building Maka-Al Mukarama Road-


2015 Saharo Omar Hassan
9. Construction of salamey idale school Baidoa 2015 NRC
10. Rehabilitation and cleaning of Baidoa Police Baidoa 2015 AMISOM
11 Rehabilitation of Afgoi Secondary School Afgoi 2015 CONCERN




This Sector of the Company deals mainly deals with the buying and Selling of lands, The Sectors activities are always transparent and have educated, well-experienced and trained workers in its all areas of involvement.


The Company has the Remittances with does the exchanges and

sending of Money worldwide.


This foundation was started in the year 2013 with aim of supporting the needy people of Somalia; the foundation has so far done Food distribution to the needy people in Wanlaweyn Area















The company management structure is designed to encourage flexibility and accountability.  The structure creates space of intellectual creativity and innovation and provides encouragement to staff members and other partners to adopt desirable working conditions.  It is also designed to ensure maximum accountability and high quality output. The key management organs comprise the Board of Trustees, Managing Director, two Programs officers and support staff. For the smooth day to day running of operations as well as effectively and efficiently targeted administration of interventions. It has also developed functional management

Practices, stringent internal control systems and policies to monitor key management aspects and outputs

Boards of Directors

The Board of Trustee have selected a Board of Directors (BOD) of 7 members, as the organizational policy makers and setting the direction the Company to achieve its objectives, annual yearly master plan in accordance with the Vision and the Mission of the Company, the Board of Directors The term in Office will determine the company bylaws, normally the Board meets quarterly and at any time needed for the extraordinary Members are:

Daawo Sawirradda:Gaabow General Trading oo Qalab Nuucyo kala Duwan Leh ka Keentay Wadamo Caalamka Ka Tirsan

Qeybta  Gaabow General Trading  Ayaa Adeegyo Cusub oo Bulshadu Tabeyso Waxay ka Keentay Dalal Kala Duwan

Sida Shiinaha Imaaraadka Carabta Turkiga Talyaaniga iyo Jabaan

img_20161107_083930 img_20161107_083935 img_20161107_084005

Qancinta Macaamiilka Ayaa Astaan Noo ah waxaana Marwalba Diyaar unahay u Adeegidaada

img_20161107_083827img_20161107_084008 img_20161107_084042

Qeybtan waa Qeybta Electronic Waxaana Yaala Nuucyo kala Duwan

img_20161107_084018 img_20161107_084028 img_20161107_084036

Xafaayadahan waxaan ka Keenay Dalka Turkiga Waana kubo Tayadooda aan Hubinay

img_20161107_084050 img_20161107_084104 img_20161107_084127

Gacmo Furan ayaan idin ku Soo Dhaweyneynaa

img_20161107_084205 img_20161107_084212 img_20161107_084222

Waa Electonic Noocyada ugu Casrisan

img_20161107_084326 img_20161107_084335 img_20161107_084340

Faafaahin kala Xiriir:0615012004 Ama 0615502004

Adeeg Hufan iyo Qancinta Macaamiilka Waa Astaanteena

Daawo Sawiradda:Masuuliyiin Ka Tirsan Gaabow General Services Company Ayaa Heshiis iskaashi La Saxiixday Shirkaddo Waaweyn oo ku Yaala Dalka Talyaaniga

Masuuliyiintan oo uu Hogaaminayay Xaaji Cabdullahi Caadil Ayaa Kulamo Kala Duwan Waxay ku kala Saxiixdeen

Heshiisyo La Xiriira Iskaashi Dhanka Ganacsiga Ah oo Shirkadda Gaabow iyo Shirkaddo Fadhigoodu Yahay Dalka Talyaaniga

img_0816 img_0854

Intaasi Ka Dib Waxaa la Yeeshay Kulamo La Xiriira Sidii Heshiisyadaasi Loo Dhaqab Galin Lahaa Oo Loo Hergain Lahaa Waxaana Laysku Afgartay in Heshiiisyadaasi Laga Dhabeeyo


Kulankaasi Waxaa ka Dhashay in Shirkadda Gaabow Ay Wakiil uga  Noqoto Shirkadaha  Dalka Talyaaniga Dalka Soomaaliya Dhammaan Ganacsata Soomaaliyeedna Aan u Fududeeyno Waxa ay ka Rabaa Dalka Talyaaniga Sida Badeecadaha iyo Baabuurta Qalabka Dhismaha iyo Guryaha



Intaasi ka Dib Masuuliyiintu Waxay Booqdeen Qaar ka mid ah Shirkadaha Ganacsiga Ee Ka jira Dalkaasi

Shirkadan waxaa Shirkad Soo Saarta Nuucyo kala Duwan oo  ah Bulukeetiga iyo Rinjiga Dhismaha

img_0885 img_0869 img_0868img_0956

Waa Guul iyo Gobanimo in Gaabow General Services Ay Matasho Ganacsiga Soomaaliya

Wakiilna Ay ugu Noqoto Dalka Talyaaniga

img_0884 img_0883img_0883img_0854img_0801img_0803img_0872


Hadii Aad ugu Baahantahay Howlo Ganacsiga Ama aad Dooneyso in Dalka Talyaaniga aad ka Soo Iibsato Qalab Tayo Leh Ama Aad Dooneyso in aad u Dhoofiso Talyaaniga Badeecadaada Fadlan La Xiriir Si Laguu Caawiyo

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